Winter-fy your home!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Add textures and layers to create a cosy winter home

If you suffer from the winter blues, then one sure way of adding some comfort to your home is to winterfy it making your home a happy place in the cooler months. From complete flooring makeovers to simple tips.

We’re so lucky in New Zealand to have such a variety of natural products that lend themselves to the home. For the floor think wool carpets such as Foss from Cavalier Bremworth or or merino carpet from the Merino range by Feltex Carpets. Wool and merino have natural thermal properties, are allergy safe and fire resistant and this contributes to natural fibre being one of the most desirable carpets for home interiors. They re also some of the most luxurious feeling products underfoot.

Check out Feltex Merino (pictured above) collection here

Check out Cavalier Bremworth Foss here

If you are not planning the expense of a full floor makeover then try adding a rug to layer the flooring effect and create a sense of cosy.

We customise rugs to suit the size and style you need. For a luxurious feel underfoot one of the plush Bremworth Collection carpets will make a perfect addition to your floor.

If you are looking to accessorise then add a chunky knit throw to the couch and change the cushions out. Think about layering textures - for something with a tactile feel try cushions with knits, fur or natural linens.

Candles always create ambient light and definitely strike a warmth to a room. Wether you choose tea llights in multiple holders or a key candle with chosen scent it can transform your space.

Aromas - get the crock pot out and slow cook while you’re at work. Nothing beats coming home to a meal ready to go and a home that smells of home cooking.

For the bedroom - Add a comforter to the bed end change out your bedspread/duvet for something more rich in colour and inviting in texture. Popular this season are 100% cotton velvets. Check out the washed linen range from Citta design or the more traditional Velvet and brocade from Bianca Lorenne.