New Product from Cavalier Bremworth is the toughest of the tough

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Cavalier Bremworth | Nylon Carpet | Gerrand Floorings

Valour® is our most durable solution-dyed nylon carpet, made from fibre using 30% reclaimed synthetic materials, with brilliant colour and outstanding stain protection engineered into every single strand.

The toughest of the tough with a softer side. Reducing our impact on the environment is incredibly important and we’re proud to say Valour contains a fibre made from 30% recycled materials that have been saved from landfill and other synthetic waste materials sourced throughout the world.

Got a busy household? Valour is our most resilient carpet, with a dense weave that prevents stains from soaking in. For peace of mind, Valour has a very high melting point and resistance to frictional heat and hot objects.

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Valour is a quality long-term option. It bounces back time and time again too – so it won’t thin out in your high traffic areas. The colour you choose is engineered into every single fibre so it can’t wear off or fade away over time – even after years of exposure to New Zealand’s harsh sunlight.

Nylon Cavalier Bremworth Carpet | Carpet Tauranga

Valour - the tough performer with a soft side and an eye on the environment. What more could you want? To view the range pop in to our showroom where a world of colour and texture is at your feet.

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