Two new releases from the Bremworth Collection

#1 Introducing Pebble from Cavalier Bremworth's renowned Bremworth Collection

Smooth, distinct and perfectly formed, Pebble draws its natural beauty from the timeless riverbeds and shorelines of Aotearoa. ⁠

A felted, chunky lop pile carpet, Pebble delicately combines subtle colour variations and textures into an aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Soft and sophisticated, this exceptional new carpet will bring a natural, earthy feel indoors.⁠ ⁠Available in six gorgeous colours. Check the full range out in our showroom ⁠

#2 Introducing Braided River from Cavalier Bremworth's Bremworth Collection

Braided River is the latest Felted chunky loop pile carpet to be released from Cavalier Bremworth. braided River has an inspiring natural beauty.

It uses⁠ unique dye techniques and traditional yarn spinning⁠ to create innovative effect on your floor. The soothing⁠ repetition of these gently winding curves provides a⁠ peaceful rhythm and calming effect for any home.⁠ Available in six gorgeous colours. Visit the showroom to experience the carpet underfoot.