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The Block room reveals - hard flooring

If you've been enjoying the 2016 series from the comfort of your living room you're not alone!

We've been loving the characters and the challenges throughout this season and thought we would share some of the flooring used to create the spaces. Thanks to Godfrey Hirst and Feltex Carpets all flooring in the homes is available in our showroom.

Tiff & Nicki's living room (below)

Timber Flooring: Regal Oak, Handcrafted, colour Windsor.

Regal Oak handcrafted has a distressed matte finish and round edges for a rustic look. The stunning colours are smoked rather than stained to provide consistent colour all the way through the hardwood top.

Sam & Emmett living room (below)

Hard Flooring: VUE, Mountain Oak, colour Heritage Brown

Emma & Courtney (below)

Timber Flooring: Regal Oak, Handcrafted, colour Astor

And our local boys Dyls & Dylz! (below)

Timber flooring: Godfrey Hirst Villa in colour Sand Drift

Your floor becomes the focal point of your interior, with the unique pattern features of each board accentuated by subtle micro bevelled edges. Transform your space today with this stunning, high quality oak floor. Characterised by delicate impressions of organic construction, this collection will create a casual authentic ambience for your personal retreat. One colour is also available with extreme matte oil for a stunning modern finish.

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