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Industry leading vinyl take back scheme

What’s up with this picture that looks like rolls of vinyl being loaded into the back of a truck …. ?

Well just like you put your recycling out for collection we too have an option for resilient vinyl products. These are all end of rolls and short ends from a multitude of commercial, business and industrial commercial vinyl installations.

We are part of the Polyfloor - Recofloor Recycling Program. This is the industry’s leading vinyl take-back scheme for recycling end of life post-consumer vinyl flooring.

Through Recofloor, Polyflor can recycle smooth and safety installation off-cuts, smooth uplifted flooring and old stock roll-end and samples which would normally end up in landfill.

Last week we loaded seven pallets for return to Polyflor for the Recofloor recycling programme.

Polyflor is a cofounding and funding member of Recofloor,

This material is recovered and recycled into new flooring or other useful products such as traffic cones.

Polyflor Australia and New Zealand have recycled 112 tonnes and globally 2,660 tonnes of vinyl flooring to date. This volume equals nearly 886,333m² or 22,158 x 20m rolls – enough vinyl flooring waste to cover 122 football pitches. This is a saving of over 2,000 tonnes of CO₂ which equates to driving 48 times round the equator or taking 100 cars off the road for a year.

How cool to be part of that!

Find out more about Polyflor's Recfloor here

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