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Introducing Tina Jones | Interior Designer

Tina Jones Interiors is a boutique interior design consultancy led by owner and designer, Tina Jones. Tina has over 18 years of experience in the interior design field, having worked on varying projects across the residential and commercial sectors.

Tina's style is creative, considered and timeless. She thrives on working with colours, materials, finishings, fabrics and furnishings to create beautiful outcomes. 

We popped in for coffee and a chat with Tina at her design studio to learn more about Tina's love for interiors, talk about recent projects and get some great advice on selecting surfaces....

Asked to describe your design style what would you say?

It's challenging to describe my design style in a few short words as each project is unique, so I adapt my style to meet the individual requirements of my client. Clients who know me well would agree that I am constantly referring to "long term, good taste, stylish" design outcomes and that I am drawn to modern neutrals and black/white. While what I love is a big part of my role, my responsibility is to create bespoke solutions to meet a brief, so one project might be highly colourful with a more-is-more approach, and the next a soft neutral palette with a less-is-more feel.  

What’s the latest trend or style you are enjoying?

I don't typically follow trends/styles, but I do research and refer to them so that I draw on the latest products and materials. Trends guide me, but I'm not dictated to by them. At the moment I'm enjoying the return to warmth in interiors - olive greens, mustards, coral, bronze, copper, texture. The movement to create homes as places of retreat and sanctuary is also something I like, and is so essential in the unpredictable world we find ourselves in at present.  

What are your top tips when creating a design scheme?

There are so many things to consider, and for many, the decisions and options can be overwhelming. So I encourage clients to start where they have the least choice. All too often a favourite paint colour is used as the starting point for a scheme when in fact it's usually best to choose paint colours last. Why? Because there are hundreds of paint colours to choose from and fewer benchtop options, for example, so select the benchtop first and the paint colour later. I also encourage clients to spend as much as they can afford at the time on horizontal surfaces such as benchtops, vanities, carpet and hard flooring.  These surfaces tend to be the most expensive, have to last the longest and are used more frequently than vertical ones.

Favourite recent project or design item you are coveting?

I worked with Jane from Kitchen & Interior Co on a project recently where we created a bespoke kitchen, laundry and bar area for a client. We featured a built-in range hood lacquered in Resene Armadillo with a copper accent strip and wooden shelving either side. The copper theme was then repeated in small copper mosaic tiles behind the splash back in the bar area.

Another project recently saw the use of a fantastic Mind The Gap botanical wallpaper in a café accompanied by cedar slat wall features.

What are your top flooring picks at the moment?

I love the textured carpet options that are available at present. I am always drawn to Cavalier Bremworth's collections, particularly their wool carpets.

For hard flooring, I am always inspired by wooden flooring, whether it be authentic or imitated. Wooden flooring has a way of bringing character, sophistication and timelessness to an interior. Combine a textured woollen carpet with wood/wood-look hard flooring, and you have the starting point for a stunning scheme.

Flatlay inspiration

Featured timber flooring: Godfrey Hirst - Project Oak


Featured timber flooring: Godfrey Hirst - Villa in the colour 110 Pearl

Featured carpet: Cavalier Bremworth - Lisburn in colour Palin

What social accounts do you turn to for inspiration?

I tend to spend more of my social media time on Instagram lately, as there are so many accounts that inspire, @gerrandfloorings being one of them. Others include @nichba_design, @designerrugs and @artsytecture. I don't tend to have solid favourites, but more a wide range of accounts that inspire me in all facets of design.

View Tina's portfolio or get in touch...

To view Tina Jones portoflio of projects and find out more about her Interior Design service visit her website here

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