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What you need to know before your Timber floor is installed

Timber flooring is a beautiful product to have within your home, but there are important preparation elements to consider before your new timber floor can be installed. Here's some tips to help you through this process:

  • Before we can install timber, the moisture content of a concrete floor must be less than 75% relative humidity. This means from roof and on windows. In the Bay of Plenty region, it usually takes approximately 4-6 months from the last exposure to water to reach this percentage level. Another option to shortcut this wait is for our team to apply a moisture barrier to the sub-floor prior to installation but this does involve an additional investment.

  • Leave all skirting boards and toe kicks off so we can allow an expansion gap. It is best that you put on these items after we have installed the timber.

  • Kitchens – we prefer the kitchen is installed (apart from toe kicks as above) so that the number of tradesmen following is minimal.

  • Sanding and Polyurethane – once this process is underway the area needs to be isolated entirely. Even opening a door to see how things look can result in dust blowing in and causing a grit finish. For existing homes and renovations, it is best the client goes away (and they may wish to also do this with the strong smell) or living within another area of the home. For new homes, no other trades can access the area over this time.

Still have some un answered questions, call us on 0800 437 7263 and we can chat through your questions, or pop in to our showroom at 123 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui, we are always here to help.


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