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It's not just a garage!

The humble garage is no longer just for storage of cars and sporting equipment, but is firmly cementing itself as another room of the home. From game’s rooms, to man caves, to laundries, the garage is a multi-functional space. And it is time we started treating it this way.

Needlepunch carpet from Irvine Flooring is the single most versatile, durable and practical flooring for hard-wearing environments, and is perfect for the garage. When the car is out your garage becomes a fully carpeted room for work and play – an affordable way to make your home more versatile, while adding value.

From kid’s birthday parties, to wet-day play spaces, to a warm and comfortable place to do the laundry, your garage will quickly become a much-used area of the home.

The benefits of Needlepunch Carpet…

  • It will reduce garage noise and dirt being tracked into the home

  • Will eliminate wet and slippery floors

  • It is tough and durable, yet warm and comfortable

  • It is easy to keep clean

  • At 4 metres wide you use less carpet and have less joins

  • In most instances it can be glued directly to the surface with no need for underlay, saving you on installation costs

  • There is no shedding and fuzzing, so it never loses it’s good looks

  • It is resistant to mould and mildew, so it won’t rot

Harder, tougher, better; Needlepunch Carpet from Irvine Flooring has been designed to ensure your home is working for you and it may cost a lot less than you think!

Needlepunch carpet ranges are also available for boats, ramps and walkways, outdoor sporting areas, gymnasiums, recreation areas and industrial garages.


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